Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you, Jenny!

Hello, friends!  As I sit here after work preparing for yet another snowstorm heading our way, I wanted to post a card that I received for my birthday from the super talented and absolutely lovely Jenifer Ann.  I have gotten to know Jenny through the Hero Arts Flickr community and I can't say enough positive things about her.  She has so many qualities that I admire...and her cards are phenomenal!  (She also has a remarkable daughter named Hannah Nicole who I have admired for a long time!)  If you get a chance, check out Jenny's remarkable photostream here and her daughter Hannah's photostream here.

Jenny started a Flickr discussion thread to wish me a happy birthday, AND she took the time to make this beatutiful card which she mailed to me for my special day.  Talk about making a girl feel good!  Check this out:

This card is even more beautiful in person...such gorgeous coloring, glossy accents, lovely details!  I know she posted this at Flickr, but I think it may have been somewhat overlooked because it was so close to Christmas.  If you want to leave her some love, check it out here.

OK, I'm off to check out day two of the blog hop over at Hero Arts.  Thanks, Jenny, for making my birthday a truly memorable day.  You are a special lady and I appreciate you! 
Take good care...


  1. I have to agree, Jenny is such a sweetheart! Very thoughtful of her to send you this wonderful card! Lucky you, Judy!

  2. You are to sweet Judy...so glad you enjoyed the card :) I am fortunate to have met you through this community and for your friendship! And Yeah!!! So glad to see you with your own blog :)

  3. Isn't Jennifer SWEET! Thanks for sharing her card for you--it's totally gorgeous!

  4. I remember seeing Jennifer's wonderful card in the pool, I love it so much! Lucky you Judy!

  5. Such a cute card thanks for sharing!!!

  6. This is a beautiful card and our right Jennifer Ann is a real sweetie. So great to meet such lovely people.


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