Monday, October 19, 2015

This made my day...

Hello, friends!

I am just popping in to share a card that I received in the mail today.

It truly made my day!

I am always amazed at how wonderful our crafting community is...supportive, caring, thoughtful.  I hope you have all had the experience of receiving a handmade card from a fellow crafter in the mail.  And when it is an unexpected surprise? Priceless!

After communicating via e-mail recently with one of my crafting friends across the country...the lovely Barb from love2colour...I was so pleasantly surprised to receive this note of encouragement and friendship from her in the mail.  It truly warmed my heart to read her note and realize she took the time to think of me, sit down and write me a note on one of her gorgeous hand-made cards, and mail it across the country.  

That is the definition of thoughtfulness, my friends.

I had to run and take a picture before the sun is getting dark earlier each day here on the east coast.  This card is a beauty!

And so I thank you, Barb -- or Babs or Barbara ;) 
This card did make me smile and will continue to bring me smiles for days to come. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, your positive words, and your kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sending you lots of warm, caring hugs, Judy!

  2. What a sweetheart she was!! Darn cute card too, love this little leaves!

  3. BBB is a kind and thoughtful person and a lovely friend! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous card she sent to you, Judy! I hope you're doing well. Huge Hugs, Darnell

  4. That darling would make anyone's day! But I'm so glad it was sent to someone that will truly appreciate the words, and kindness ... that would be you all over, Judy! So sweet! Hugs from me, too!

  5. Super sweet of Barb! Such a beautiful card!
    Hope all is well?!!...Hugs

  6. That was awesome for her to send a pretty card with inspiring thoughts. I think overall card crafters are a very caring, thoughtful group. In this day of mobile devices, it is truly a wonderful surprise to get a handmade card in the mail. I know it makes my day.

  7. Judy how sweet of you to post my card. I kept thinking "what card did I send?", not realizing it was a simple note card. Sharing cards is what I do and it touches me to think you would comment on your blog to thank me. These blog friendships are truly special, how blessed all of us are. I hope your family members are improving Judy and remember to take care of you. A Huge HUG, Barb

  8. It was so nice of you to post Barb's beautiful card...and, how thoughtful of her to send it to you! Sending big Hugs your way!!!


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