Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peace Out

Hello, friends!  Just sharing a girly card I made with a $1 Studio G stamp I found at Michael's (and my daughters begged me to buy it).  Anyone else have daughters totally obsessed with peace signs? 

Here is the set...

and here is the card I made with it:

I figure my daughter can use it as a birthday card for one of her friends. 

That is, if she doesn't keep it.  After all, it has a peace sign on it.

Hope to be back soon with some more Thanksgiving cards...until then, have a good day!


  1. That is one cool stamp, no wonder they wanted you to buy it, it's just perfect for a girly card :)
    Fab card Judy!
    Jenny x

  2. A great card for any girl!! Don't you just love those $1 stamps?! I always seem to buy a few of those myself! :)


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