Saturday, June 23, 2012

Duck Tape or Duct Tape?

Hello friends!  While technically school and work have ended, I seem to be working harder and running more than ever!  WHEN, oh WHEN, will I get to play again?!?!  Sigh.

All I know is that, while I feverishly try to put away uniforms and school folders and supplies and chauffeur the kids to their respective practices and camps, I am surrounded by duct tape.  Or duck tape?  I guess it depends who you talk to! 

What am I talking about?  Here's a clue...and if you have children you may already know what I'm getting at here...

This shoe box holds my 12-year-old daughter's growing collection of "Duck Tape" brand duct tape!  She and my other children love to make various items out of this stuff...I have more wallets than I know what to do with!  My son has even covered his wiffel ball bat with the stuff.  (They search YouTube for instructional videos and off they go!  Even the local craft stores have whole aisles dedicated to this stuff now...who knew?)

So, of course, being the crafty mom that I am, I decided I needed a few rolls, especially when I saw pretty chevrons and paisley patterns!  (I may not have washi tape, but I now have designer duct tape!)

So, the next logical step was to make CARDS using this tape.  (But of course!) Here's what I came up with...more cards for my kids to give their friends at the ongoing summer birthday parties they keep getting invited to attend!  I used several Hero Arts favorites to pull them all together.

This card uses the pretty paisley tape, which I trimmed like a banner and then dry embossed the whole card front.

Next up, two cards using bright colors that compliment the chevron stripes...I love this tape the most!

I guess I'll need a shoe box for my duct tape collection.  (Never thought I'd blog those words...but then again, I never thought I'd blog, either!)

Well, that's it for today...maybe things will slow down in July and I can get back into regular blogging.  Let's hope!

Take good care,


  1. Judy, I smiled and giggled through your whole post - so fun! That duct tape is a blast! Such bright, fun colors - and your cards are awesome! Hugs to you! :)

  2. I hadn't given these tapes a 2nd look, but I skidded to a stop at your paisley tape! Beautiful ideas using whatever it's called :))
    Enjoy being with your what seems like a blink, they'll be off on their own, and you'll have all the time you want for crafting......
    And thanks for your stop at my blog and your sweet comment - given that you're so busy, I doubly appreciate it!

  3. Your right Judy these are a must to use as a crafter. Wow your cards are beautiful and I love that chevron tape the most as well. Your cards are sure to be hit with the kids. Knowing that Duct Tape was part of the creation will surely be a hit as well seeming that they appreciate the product.Thanks for sharing.

  4. How fun! I never thought of using duct tape on a card. Great creative thinking. I just bought that same chevron duct tape for a project I did with my Girl Scouts. :) Ann Y.


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