Friday, September 9, 2011

And They're Off!

Hello, friends!  No cards today...SIGH.  Just wanted to stop by to say hello, share a picture of the kids before their first full day of school, and say I'm SORRY that I haven't been around lately to leave comments on any blogs.  I miss it!

So, the kids went back to school AND I went back to work the same day.  Summer has now come to a crashing halt.  Now we are faced with the usual fall craziness...
*soccer (times two)
*field hockey
*Girl Scouts
* a bazillion birthday parties!!

Unfortunately card-making and blogging are at the bottom of that list...usually late at night or not at all.  And dinner?  Sigh.  With something scheduled literally every day of the week (and usually scheduled at dinner time) it is so hard to make a real meal.  I'd be THRILLED to never see another chicken nugget again in my lifetime.  (Not likely, however.)

So, my friends, I'll be around when I can to visit and comment.  Maybe I'll even find time to make a card or two.  I've seen some great winning cards out there (Way to go, Jacqueline and Lin!!!) and I cheer for you, just so you know!

Take good care, everyone.  Let the games begin!


  1. Hi Judy, oh boy, your life sounds hectic! Just keep taking deep breaths! Hopefully we will get to see you around every now and then! I'll miss you!

  2. Awww, that photo of your kids is adorable! What a beautiful family you have, Judy! Hang in there, my friend. I'll be missing your cards and sweet comments but family comes first. Sending love and hugs! :)

  3. Isn't this photo PRECIOUS!!? Love their happy smile, Judy! Hope the new school year gets calmer as it goes ( i know how hectic it can be , especially you have 4 lovely and active kids!)! Hope you get some time to craft during the weekend! HUGS!

  4. It seems like were somewhat in the same boat!...Thank you for your comments on my blog! :) To answer your two questions, the scalloped card I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink (walnut stain) and just sort of held it at a angle, rubbing it towards the outside. Was just having fun with it! And the stamp was a older one I had yet to use but not from hero arts...I think fiskars/stampendous???...I really can't remember. Well, take care and try not to stress too much :) Most important: Always remember to Breathe! lol (I have to remind myself!) :)

  5. What a fab crew you have Judy and they look so happy too :)
    Night time crafting is mostly what I do too but boy does it make you tired :(
    Look forward to seeing you when time allows :)
    Jenny x

  6. Cute, cute kids, Judy! Family is what it's all about - enjoy them while they are this age. I know it is crazy hectic, but they grow up way too fast!

    Will be watching for some more of your wonderful cards when you have a chance! Hugs!


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