My Card Corner

This is "Judy's Card Corner," the corner of my laundry room that we converted from a closet into my own little craft corner.

I shared this in a blog post HERE and I figured since it hasn't changed much I'd share it here.

Welcome to Judy's Card Corner!

I hope you are not too disappointed...I do not have an entire room dedicated to my stamping supplies, but rather a corner of my laundry room.  

I converted the back of my laundry room into an office space several years ago.  On one side of that section, there was a large storage closet that my husband and I knocked out, and then after we wallpapered, I added a desk and he put up shelves for me. The way I see it, my limited space forces me to keep my supplies in check.

So, here is a photo tour of my little "card corner!"  (Yes, that is what inspired the name I chose for my blog!)

So, this is my corner.  As you can see, I don't keep a chair at this desk because I actually prefer to stand while I stamp!

So, to put this space into perspective...this is what you begin to see as you walk through the laundry room.  It is a long room, with a washer and dryer on the right. Can you see where the room extends to the right (just past the million uniforms my kids have hanging the right)?  That is where the closet used to be and we built my "card corner."

To the left is my "office" area.  If I ever do feel like sitting, I can wheel the desk chair wherever I need it.  That radio?  Always ON when I craft!

The large printer is also a scanner and fax machine and the whole family uses it.  On either side is my paper cutter and my Cuttlebug.  I used to keep my paper cutter up high on a shelf out of reach of my children, but now that they are older I keep it on my desk for easy access.  (I rubber band the blade shut so no one can come in and play with it -- just in case.)

I mount my ink pads on the wall just below a framed photo of my first published card! 

Here is the view of my craft desk.  You can see that I have lots of plastic drawers -- they mainly hold my wood block stamps. (I also have several scrapbooks and School Days books for my kids.)

The drawers below my desk hold my papers, ribbons, punches, distress inks, and other craft supplies.

Here are a few of my favorite supplies on my desk.

My clear stamps are arranged (alphabetically, of course) in a refrigerator drawer from Bed Bath & Beyond. The blotter on my desk is the bottom of an old desk calendar...can you tell it has been there a long time?  I have stamped all over it!

 My markers, glues, and other essentials are in a utensil caddy from Pampered Chef.

My embossing folders are in a plastic bin that I trash picked when my neighbor moved.  (Is that bad?)

My cards are mainly stored in clear plastic envelopes in a spinning card rack that my husband bought for me on eBay.  One of the best presents he has ever given me!

I store other essentials on these IKEA shelves -- Glossy Accents, corner rounder, acrylic blocks, Stickles, and large wood block stamps.  Below the shelves I hung removable hooks with gems on a big ring, ink swatches, and my heat gun.

My small Copic marker collection is stored in this Copic marker cube.  The cubes are stackable and if my collection grows I may need to buy another one.  I store my buttons in a Yankee candle jar that I cleaned out once the candle was finished.  (I love those jars!)

And that does it!  Hope you like my craft corner!