Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Branchy Topiary...Over and Out!

Hello friends!  I am afraid to say that this will likely be the last card I am able to blog for a while...I can see the writing on the wall: the typical spring events that keep me running (between work and my four kids) are now in FULL swing!  (Sigh.)  I do love spring, but I don't enjoy the hectic pace of this time of year, running from early morning to late night EVERY day.  (Work, school, baseball, softball, soccer, dance, drums, clarinet, piano, choir, Girl Scouts, school shows, recitals...multiple events every day of the week.  Exhausting!)   

I feel like I'm on a space ship orbiting the moon that is about to lose contact with Earth and it will be all static until I come around again in late spring.  No time for blogging or crafting...just know that I am out there and thinking of you!

A little while back I had a chance to play with this Memory Box Branchy Topiary along with some Sage Flower Soft and  gold Stickles.  I paper-pieced the flower pot and used the Hero Arts Music Background on the dark green layering paper.   

Here is a close-up of the sage Flower Soft and Stickles in the sunlight.  Isn't that cool?

OK, so I guess that does it for a while.  I hope to be able to drop in every now and again, but I am giving myself permission to bow out for a while until the craziness subsides. 

I sometimes think we as moms should be crowned the "Queens of Delayed Gratification," don't you?  It's OK, though, I know full well that I am truly blessed to be a mom and I know someday I won't be this busy and I'll probably miss all the craziness.   

Take good care, everyone!  Hope to be back soon,